15 April 2013

Went to Birthday

        Yesterday was f-i-l birthday we gave him a $50 gift card. We also took him to the movies and we saw "42" it was a good movie. Then we went back to his house to eat Mexican food. We also played the card game called golf. I got a little nervous while out, but it was not so bad the movie theater was not that full. Then today is one of my grandma's birthday. I am doing the dishes while I watch the news. It is 80 deg outside right now. The forcasted high is 86 deg it seems like we did not get a spring it was cold last month then hot this month.
       We need to pray for those that got bombed at the Boston Marathon. It seems that when we start to let our guard down something happens like thit. All this seems like it belongs to a teariest group, but no one has claimed the bombing. Makes me so mad when somthing like this happens.

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