13 April 2013

Hello ou ther in internet world

Well tomorrow is f-i-l birthday and we are taking him to the movies. I find myself watching Investigating Discovery channel more and more every day. I wonder if they will stop making new stories of old episodes. Right now I am washing clothes and doing the dishes. I have to clean the house so I can invite my mother over to a clean house. I still have to mow the grass but it is starting to get hot outside. I started a fire about a month ago and it burned a little of my grass but now I can not see where it happend. I have to start another but there has not been much rain and I am afraid to start another because of it. All it is are leaves and if the winds start up then it could burn down the house. Right now there is very little rain and I could start it but I need to sit and watch it so it does not burn the yard down and make it to the house. I find that ID repeats all their epesodes over and over again that way you can watch the same eposodes if you missed something in the same one.

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