18 January 2008


Well hello all you people. I am fine and dandy, how are you all? They moved my area from classrooms to the gym. which I did not like at first but when there are no one there it is not a problem to clean. But tonight there is a soccer game and a basketball game so I do not think that I will get to clean properly, but we will see.
Well I did not get to clean the gym or field house very well tonight. It needs to be vacuumed and mopped. I hope that soccer is finally done. That way I can clean the field house properly. I forgot to put out toilet paper to the bus drivers last night, and got told not to do it again. I got the boys locker room done and we are not aloud to be in the girls locker room until everyone is gone, because the visiting team holes up there. At least the weekend is finally here, and I am almost done with the three books that I downloaded. I am listening to "Kidnapped" and am almost done.
I will get to burn some more yard waist. Then I get to start to clean up my yard again. Maybe one of these days I will get done and have a nice vegetable garden started. I love gardening but I am a lazy slob and a procrastinator, so a lot of it does not get started or if started does not get taken care of. Talking of growing things my Bonsai tree has not started growing though the soil yet.I did find a pot to grow my peanuts so i am going to start those this weekend. I need to take care of my grapefruit and lime and Kumquat trees this weekend.
I love grapefruit and kumquats but I do not like limes but the wife does so that why we have them. I like tomatoes to but I can not grow them because the sun burns them up. We have a rabbit that I like to grow lettuce for. I keep trying to get my lovely wife to let me grow catnip, but she will not let me. I would like to grow that pet grass, but I want to grow it on a large scale (like 1.4 acres). So I will not do it, and might do a little bit of it.
I like to do a large scale of everything that I like doing, that is why I think I get so lazy and procrastinate on it. It gets to be to much for me. Well right now I am listening to "Kidnapped" and it is almost done. That way when we get to the library I can download some more books. I think that we are going on Sunday. I am still reading "The Path of Daggers" by Robert Jordan. I can not wait until it is finally done, that way I can go on with listening to his books.

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