15 January 2008

Yard work again

Well I am sitting here waiting for the sun to warm up the outside some so I can mow the grass. So I am going to stay awake this time to work out in the yard. I have to so I can do some yard work, I should do some of the dishes and laundry while I wait for the sun to shine and warm up the outside. So I am listening to "By the Light of the Moon" by Dean Koontz so far it is a good book, but what do you expect by Dean Koontz.
Well I saved this until tonight, where I can tell you about my day. I started out listening to the book, and fell asleep at the end of the first CD of the book. when the wife called me around 1100 this morning I was still groggy, and did not get up to go outside to work, so I fell asleep again. She called back around 1200 and that's when I got up and went to mow the grass. I was a little upset at my self for falling asleep. I almost finished mowing the front yard when I saw that the time was 145 in the afternoon. I have to be at work by 300, but I like getting there at 245. So I stopped and got ready for work. Left the house at 215 and got to work at 235 (I did not speed!) it usually takes 25 to 30 minutes to get there. I was running behind up until 845. When I took last break at 900 all I had to do was mop and clean the water fountains. And here we are up to this point doing nothing. Well it's bed time and I still have to shower so goodnight to you all.

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