13 January 2008

Yard work

Well here it is Sunday, and i still have not had my second cup of coffee. Cheryl is telling me to get outside and start doing something in the yard. I will once my second cup is gone, I think I will mow today and maybe burn some more. I cut down a big branch yesterday and have to cut it into pieces, and all I have is a bow saw. I really need to get a chainsaw. Anyone want to give to the Nance fund please let me know.
Well it started to rain (I was thinking thank God until the wife said that I was going to help around the house). They are saying that it is a cold front moving though but it has not gotten any cooler yet. I did get the bricks that we put down 2 summers ago up. Maybe I will get them around my plot for the garden, or put them on the slab next to the house. I am starting to listen to "By the Light of the Moon" by Dean Koontz, read by Stephen Lang.

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