14 May 2008


Well I got my fishing licence on the 5th of May and have been out fishing a few times. Mostly at the pond at work (which will be known as work pond from now on) and the Withlacoochee river. I have yet to catch anything, The wife would like to see me catch and release. But if it is something I want to eat then I will keep it. The people I work with say that they would not eat the fish from work pond, but I do not see a problem with them. The regulations on how we can kill the bugs and weeds on school property are real strick. So I do not see a problem with work pond. Besides a gator lives in the water and it is connected to a swamp behind the school. The boss said that I was aloud to fish work pond on my own time. So that means anytime I am not working which includes breaks, but The wife is right, I should not do it on work breaks or it might cost me my job.
I would love to catch anything out of anywhere I go. Wish me luck because i am fishing work pond today.

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