15 May 2008

Yesterdays luck

Well I did not catch anything and was asked what the biggest fish I had got out of work pond. Which is nothing yet. I do not think you people wished me luck like you were supposed to. One day I am going to fish work pond at dusk with a fly and then I should get something. I see something hitting the top of the water at dusk and I think that what ever it is must be eating the bugs that lay eggs in water. I got a game this Saturday but think I am coming down with a cold, so I might not get to go. I would hate that but I do not want to be the cause of their baby's sickness. See how I feel tomorrow.
If I am coming down with something I will see if our other friend's son still likes to fish and take him somewhere. there is suppose to be a fishing hole in Brandon that is for us poor anglers that can not get to the major fishing holes that everyone and their brother seem to be going to. Will look it up on line, well just got back from looking up fishing sights in Brandon and there is none. I need a map of Hillsbough county to find any fishing holes.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck fishing!!