22 March 2009

Lost and Found

Well I lost my string for the cross stitch. I had bundled it all together and thought I had put it in my bag that I came up with to put the cross stitch into. But when I got to the Hospital last night to be checked for pneumonia it was not in the bag. It is not in the house and yard unless the stuff blew into the fence by the wind. So that project is on hold for now. The "Puppy Love" picture of latch hook is moving kind of slow I still do not know if the colors are right (I hope so). And last but not least is that baby blanket, which is not going very well. I know that I said that I would not do any of my new projects until that baby blanket was done, but I could not help myself.

That baby is due at the end of April and the blanket still has 100 hours of work to go. I am almost done listening to "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer and read by Ilyana Kadushin. It is very good I would recommend it to everyone that loves a good love story. I am also still listening to "Abarat: Days of Magic and Nights of War"

This is the only picture that I got at Disney on my cell phone. We got a picture with the two of us (me and the wife) next to to-mater. We looked for the picture frame with To-Mater on it. The phone is so much better then the camera to up load to the Internet. So I found out last night that I do not have pneumonia so that is good (I did not think I had it, but you know wives).

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Cheryl said...

There will be none of this "you know wives" bulls**t. Someone called me whining "I've died an gone to hell" and "I'm so sick". I played the message around the table and we all had a good laugh!