28 March 2009

My Life

Well in my life there are a lot of things in it first there is the wife (which she will not let me take her picture). Then there are my animals, and I do not want anything to happen to them. Then there are my fun things like taking pictures of the rotten animals. or just things that I would like to blog about. Well the wife went to bingo and left me here to do the dishes. What fun, I really hate doing the dishes which reminds me I need to start on them. I did tell her that I would do
them so it is my fault. This is a picture of that baby blanket that I am doing. I love looking at the pattern but the making of it is so hard. The honeycomb pattern is the hardest I am thinking of starting a new one to give to the friend. If I do then I will rip this one out to use the yarn for said new project. This is a picture of Basil. He is our fattest and laziest cat, and also the only one I know. But we still love him. Well we have a bad storm trying to invade Florida I think they said that it was in Gainesville at 10:00, on the rat bastard news. Just to show you I found a good site.

Well I finally did it I just started a new baby blanket it will be garter stitch for ten rows then the rest is st st except for the rows that will be in the first color then they will Be garter stitch. this is poor Dinah after the razor has been ran though his hair.

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