28 March 2009

My yard

These are two pictures of leaves in my yard. The first one being already raked and picked up and the second needing to be raked and picked up. I got 7 bags of leaves for the garbage men to take on Wednesday. The wive bought 18 bags and then told me to fill all of them up but I do not quite fill up to the challenge. So will work on it though out the week. These things are leaf picker uppers and they work rather well. I was very surprised. It took longer to rake the leaves then to pick them up. So me and the wive are talking of putting in a garden and she says that I can not until I get off my lazy ass and work in the yard. So to make her happy I am thinking of working an hour or two in the morning when she leaves and then playing on the computer. I ran off today to put gas in my truck and go to the library, but the gas would have been just enough to get to work until Tuesday. I have decieded to work on that baby blanket again and try to get don before the baby is born so I might not be writing fo a while. Oh, by the way if you do not see any writing here then check out my other blog on myspace. here is the url.


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