28 May 2010


I found a bug in my garden last night, I thought it was a bad bug but c-i-l says that it was a good bug. I squashed it anyway. I planted some colorful elephant ears and they are coming up. I forgot that I had planted a miniature rose bush and it is slowly dieing I did happen to water it last night. The wife told me the other night that she had bought a olive tree for our zone and that we will be planting it on the west side of the house. I had agreed to it but now that I am thinking about it when we get a new house they are going to need to bring the house in on that side. My pink grapefruit tree is doing better now that summer has come. I thought I had lost it due to the freezing weather that we got this last winter. I do not see any fruit yet but am not hopeful that I will get any this year. My kumquat tree is still so small that I am wondering if it is still alive. It has some green and yellow leaves.

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