25 May 2010


I went out into the garden this morning and saw my cherry tomatoes laying down on the job. So I staked them. Ha ha ha. The cherry tomatoes are huge almost as big as my palm of my hand and their still green. The first flower that I had gotten on my egg plant fell off. The stem and everything was gone. Found it on the weed control and I picked it up and removed it from the garden so that it would not attract bugs to the other flowers that I saw coming out. I did not take a very close look at the garden but I did see some cucumbers growing. It did not rain today and I did not water the garden. Just planted the potatoes that have not come up yet. the corn is still to small. I am afraid that one of the cats will lay on them and squash them. I did notice that one of them is clawing up my weed control. I have been talking with others that are growing things and the are just as hopeful of their garden as I am about my own. I am hoping to get out in the garden some more this weekend and make it bigger.

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