25 May 2010


Well here it is summer and I have corn, cucumbers, bell peppers, potatoes, onions, banana peppers, egg plants, grape and cherry tomatoes growing in the garden. The tomatoes are coming in nicely there are a lot of them on the vines. I just planted the potatoes and onions. I planted the corn and them forgot about them in the little pot that I had them in. When I saw the seven of them 2 inches up, I thought it was grass growing in the pot. Then I remembered that they were corn and planted them on Sunday. That's when I planted the potatoes and onions too. The plot that I dug was 16x12 foot plot. 12 foot is covered by that black tarp that lets the air and water in to give the nutrient to the plants but does not let the weeds grow. but 4 feet to the left as you look to the back of the property there is no cover so I will have to get out there and pull the weeds. I really hope that the potatoes come up and that I get a few onions. those are the only thing that I just planted and need to have come up from the ground.
Well the start of the rainy season is soon and then I might have a drowned garden. If this year is like the one we had when Charley and the others blew though here then the back yard will flood and there will be no saving the garden and I will have to build up the garden plot next year if the wife will let me try again. If it is another drought year then I will have to water everyday and then some.
Well the children at school get out on the 9Th of June and then it will be summer hours from then tell August. I will be working from 8 to 430 in June and August, and the first week in July. The other three weeks of July are 10 hour shifts 4 days on and 3 days off. I am trying to get mom to come down for a week in July so that she can have a vacation.
I am reading Terry Brooks Genesis of Shannara "Armageddon's Children". I have had it for about 2 weeks and only 93 pages into it. I think it is a good book but with everything in my life to do I find it hard to read. Yes actually read a book.

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