07 July 2011


Well I ran over the dish cable on Tuesday. I had to call for them to come out and fix it. He came out yesterday and took him like 5 minutes to do. He buried the line after that right up to the house. So I was out of TV for the night. It sucked because the Casey Anthony verdict came back right after I did it. So I called the wife and she told me what it was, not-guilty.I can not believe that, I thought she was guilty of murdering her child. I'm glad that it is over, all we have left is the sentencing for the lies she told to the police. The news people are saying that she will get time served.

We will probably never get away from this stupid story of Casey Anthony, the news people are saying that she will be a millionaire when she gets out for everyone wants to interview her and there are even people out there that are wanting to put her in their movies. I'll grant you that it is adult film industry but still they want her. I can not understand it, I don't think she is that cute but what can you say about the adult film industry's taste in people.

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