04 July 2011


I am mowing the front yard 30 minutes at a time. I got from the side of the house to the other side of the steps in that time. It's about time to go back out and do another 30 minutes. Right now I am watching the Casey Anthony trial. I can not wait until the jury comes back with a verdict of guilty or not-guilty then at least the trial will be over and we can get back to some decent news coverage. I made water and got it in the fridge and then made a cup of coffee. I am drinking the coffee now. Waiting to cool off from the 30 minute mowing. I am going to try and get most of the yard done today so I can lower the wheels on the lawn mower and start over next Monday.

I am going to try and mow my grass for an hour and a half to 2 hours a day until it gets done for the week. I just have to get into shape, so I do not have to stop so often to let my hurting body and sweat to get better. I am sure that if I could get to mow the yard for 2 hours that I could get half of the yard done in a day and then I would get more time to do my knitting. But sadly I am really out of shape and have the desire to quit smoking. I still can't bring myself to throw away money that I spent on the cigars, so it still waiting until I have smoked most of them. The wife told me last night that she did not want to hear that I am going to quit, but that I have been quit for a month.

I am about ready to go back out and get started on the second half of the front yard. I am going to mow up to the auto's then move them, and take another break where I will write some more. It is noon so see you in 30. Well it took 15 minutes to get to the cars then I moved them and pulled off the vines that seem to be growing all over the house and picked up the garbage in the yard. It looks like I will be only able to mow in the sun 15 minutes at a time do to the fact that it is just to hot to do it any longer.

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