03 July 2011

4th of July celebrations

The wife and I are going to m-i-l house for the 4th of July celebrations. There will be fireworks, drinks, and food. The food is Mexican food but that's alright it's going to be fun. The wife bought me some German beer for the party, it's that or Budweiser for beer. The wife made some lemonade with melon and vodka for the women's drink. I am going to knit during the daylight and then watch the fireworks that m-i-lc shoots off during the night time. I think it will be sometime after 2030 tonight for that is when the sun will go down. I can't wait for the festivities. The problem with it all is that its American celebration for independence that has German and Mexican food and drinks. But it will be a lot of fun to be away from the house.

I got a new lawnmower yesterday, it's a push mower but that is OK for that is what I wanted do to the fact that it will help me lose my weight and get into shape. I used it yesterday and found out that I am really out of shape and can not breath. So I really need to quit smoking and do some exercise. There for the push mower, I know that it is going to be rough doing a 1.4 acre yard with a push mower. I have that figured out do .25 of the yard every day until the yard is done for the week then start over the next week. It should not take long to get into shape.

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