02 July 2011

My dilemma

I have several projects either on the needles or hook. I have some striped socks, a hat, a king size blanket, a baby blanket, and I think a sweater. Those are just the ones that I can remember Lord only knows what else I have stashed away in my craft room, which needs to be cleaned. I need to finish all of them but the sweater, that one I am going to rip out and use the yarn for another project. The striped socks are made with self stripping sock yarn which is really thin and I have 72 stitches per sock. Although it is being done on one needle 2 at a time. The king size blanket is being done on a afghan hook that is 22 inches long, with the afghan stitch. You crochet one stitch off till you get to the end then you crochet one stitch back on back to the other end. It will be very snugly warm. But I don't think that it will be done by winter if I don't work on it.

I do not want to work on it. It takes forever to do and has a lot of stitches to it. The baby blanket is in the closet and that one was forgotten about because I do not know anyone that is having a baby. I have some more skeins of yarn I want to put on it. But I am not worried about it. then the hat is an ear flap, fair isle done with lion brand wool ease and fisherman wool 2 yarns held together. I made just the basic hat (no pattern) for my dad. That hat was fun and fast. I also remembered about this latch hook rug that I am doing that I want to get done. It is a picture of 2 fishermen at sunset on a lake. I want it done for my room which is going to be done in outdoorsy stuff. I need to get into my new room and finish it.

I have to take everything out and put down the pill and stick tile. If that works in that room then the wife wants to do it in other rooms. I want to get it done but I do not have the manpower to do it. I am only one person, I can not do it alone. When the room is done I am going to use it for my project room where I will keep all my stuff for sewing, knitting, crochet, latch hooking, and needle stitch. Which reminds me of the needle stitch projects I have there are three of them. I also have a quilt project that needs to get done for my mom, but like I said there is no room to get into the craft room to sew.

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