09 January 2008


So I listen to books on tape and CD. I like doing it because I get the chance to listen to them at work. I happen to have two bosses that let me listen to them off my mp3 player, or I listen to them on my CD player or tape player. I have to go to the library to download my books but it does not bother me to go there.

this web site one of my co-workers found and I saw some of the pictures, I found them funny and thought i would post it.


so i stopped working on my knitting and crocheting to read a book (yes actually read). I need to read "The Path of Daggers" by Robert Jordan. He has a series going that i found very good, but I can not bet this book on disc and the library will not let me borrow it from another county. So right now I am listing to "The Devil's Labyrinth" by John Saul, I find that it is a boring book (but I am on disc 8 so i am not going to just give up on it). Then I am going to listen to "The Grave Tattoo" by Val McDermid. The wife says that it is a very good book. I might do a little knitting after I get done with the blog and being on the Internet.

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