08 January 2008

friends and family

this is my sister's and her husband's blog


so how is everyone out there in Internet world? i am fine and doing much better now that i am back on nights. me and the animals are doing just fine. the wife is not doing to good she has a cold (poor Cheryl [my wife]). the only problem with working nights is that there is nothing on TV. oh before i forget to tell all you people again i do not know how to spell and i forget to capitalize my words. so if you have a problem blame the schools that i went to. I do not forget to capitalize my words when i am using pen or pencil. I never took typing and I might talk to one of the computer teachers to help me learn how to type. So I try to remember to capitalize and do the spell checker.

talking about spell checker io love that little function of the computer only problem is that all the words in the dicionary is not on the computer. i remember back to when i had to right my ramblings on paper and I could not do spell check. the only problem with this spell checker is that it does not capitalize my words , or it does not now the meaning of my statements so it does not do any of the cool things that word does for me.

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