12 January 2008

Library time

So I have not posted for the past two days. I slept all day on Thursday and I had a doctor appointment that I missed, and Friday I was really busy up until work time. So how have all you people been. Me and Cheryl worked out in the yard today. I hate the yard it is to big for me. I think that I would like to live in an apartment, that way I would not have to work in the yard, but the only problem is that there are none out in the boondocks. Where there is hardly any crime.
I could not listen to the fire trucks, ambulance, police cars go by at all hours of the night and day. I visit my m-i-l (mother-in-law) 's house and it seems that the noise never stops. I like having the only noise before 10pm the neighbors 4x4 truck going down the road. After 10 everyone is burning a fire and getting drunk or stoned and there is not that much noise the occasional radio going on but that's not so load that you hear it in the house. When the dog barks you know there is a reason for it.
So anyway I downloaded "Stationary Bike" by Steven King, "The Mutiny on Board the HMS Bounty" by William Bligh, and "Kidnapped" by Robert Louis Stevenson. That will give me something to listen to for the next week. I also picked up "The Great Hunt" by Robert Jordan. I can not wait until his final book comes out, (I hope who ever is writing for him does not screw things up). I am still reading "The Path of Daggers" by him and I finished "The Devil's Labyrinth" I just could not get into "The Grave Tattoo" so those two went back. I have yet to knit anything so I still have that blanket, footies, and potholder to do.

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