06 January 2008

Today Is my first day

So today is the last day of my vacation. being a janitor at a high school gives me most of the days that the students have off. But I had high hopes of doing lots of things around the house on this vacation and nothing got done. I have yet to finish fixing the house and make all my changes to the outside. then i wanted to work in the yard and get it cleaned up but just could not get motivated. That is a picture of my little dog Ginger.
So I have her and a mastiff named angel. I have several cats and a rabbit. Most of the cats live outside they are dropped of animals that no one wanted to love. So we got them fixed and now there will be no more litters coming from this yard. I live on over an acre of land and try gardening once in a while. Right now I am trying my hand at growing a bonsai. I hope that it will come out right.
I have a pink grapefruit tree in the yard and a kumquat tree. I tried to grow a banana tree but it died along with my mango tree. I did do a garden and all I got that was not bad was lettuce. The caterpillars ate my oleander. I get frustrated and quit doing it, when I find the solution to the problem and try again. I want to grow my own coffee tree and in joy the fruit of the gods by my own hand. I have peanuts that Iwant to grow but the pots I have are to small for it so I have to get some new ones.
I used to have a blog on myspace, but I got tired of it so now here I am. Things I like to do is mostly crafts, which is knitting and crochet. So there will be a lot of talk about that.I like to fish but have not done it in so long i think my equipment is bad. Right now I have on the needles a blanket and slippers and a pot holder. Me and the wife Cheryl like to go to Disney and get as many of the charactures pictures that we can find. here are a few of the charactures http://picasaweb.google.com/ricky4773/Disney

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